Abbott World Marathon Majors: Highlights Of The Berlin, Chicago and New York City Marathons

Running one of the World Marathon Majors this fall? Read about some highlights on and off the course! I have suggestions on things to do before the marathons and places to eat after! All this and more. 

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Abbott World Marathon Majors Ambassador

For those of you who don't know me, let me introduce myself. My name is Jill! I am a wife, daughter, sister, healthcare worker, runner, world traveler, adventure seeker, candy lover and tough girl with a soft side...all rolled up into a tiny 4'11" frame. This blog is about my running adventures!

In another post I will tell all about how I became a runner and a bunch of other things, but for now I will keep this short and sweet.

I have the honor of representing the Abbott World Marathon Majors organization as an Ambassador. I applied for this position a few weeks ago and just yesterday I received the good news! As an Ambassador I will write blogs and post on my running adventures. The World Marathon Majors are as follows: TokyoBostonLondonBerlinChicago and New York. So far I have finished 4 out of those 6. On February 28th, 2016 I will attempt my 17th marathon, and 5th World Marathon Major event in Tokyo!

After I finished my first marathon, the Marine Corps Marathon, I was immediately hooked and signed up for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. It was right after I finished that amazing race that I said to my husband (then boyfriend) "I want to run all the world major marathons! One day I will do them all!" It seemed like a pretty ambitious goal, but I was determined. I cannot believe I am a couple weeks away from completing my 5th World Marathon Major!

As an Ambassador for the WMM I will be blogging on my travel adventures. I hope these posts will enlighten, inform and inspire you. My main goal is merely to tell the running community what I did right and wrong, and hopefully you will learn something from my journey!

It has been a dream of mine to be in a position like this for some time now. In 2012 I traveled by myself to Intercourse, Pennsylvania (yes, it is a real city) for the Bird In Hand Half Marathon. I read an article by Bart Yasso in Runner's World on this race and how neat it was to run with the Amish. It was a small race with big potential. I remember talking to my husband over the phone while laying on the hotel bed at the Best Western in Paradise, PA (travel tips are already coming!). He asked me if I was having fun and if I had minded traveling alone for the race. I told him that if money didn't matter, and I could have a fun job, it would be to travel for races and become a race reporter. So here I am!

Thank you for joining me! Please feel free to share this blog and tell your friends to follow me on Facebook. In the next few days I will share more about my training and preparation for Tokyo!


Noteworthy business matters:

For those interested in running the TCS New York City Marathon, application deadline for the lottery is 2.21.16 Apply here. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. If you haven't already run this race, I highly recommend you consider it (I will be sure to post my experience running this race soon). After that on March 8th, the Bank of America Chicago Marathon lottery will open. For more information, click here.