SPI Belt

I have been selected again to be a SPI belt ambassador! I am excited and honored to represent this brand. I have used SPI belt products since I became a runner in 2010. I have taken my trusty SPI belt with me all over the world! I do not train, race or travel without it! Check out my profile on SPI belt below!

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What is SPI? 

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SPI stands for "small personal item". You can uses these products for all kinds of things! I use mine for training and racing. But they have MANY uses. You can use them to carry any small personal item while walking, hiking, traveling, running, working out and for medical purposes! They even have ones you can use while walking your dog! 

My favorite product is the double pocket SPI belt. I have used this for years. I carry my phone in one pocket and my fuel in the other. 

Visit the SPI belt website here


SPI belts are snug and bounce free! I have found mine to be incredibly comfortable. I don't even realize I am wearing anything around my waist when I run. Check out all the other products SPI belt has to offer. They also come in various colors and sizes! 

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Race Day

I have run so many races using my SPI belt. I would be lost without it! 

SPI belt was the original belt used by athletes and continues to be the best! Try them out!