FRÉ Skincare


I am pleased to announce that I was selected to be an ambassador for FRÉ Skincare! I was first introduced to FRÉ skincare products through a friend. I saw what it did for her skin and how she benefited from using it daily. Her skin was flawless, despite sweating several times a day post workouts. I decided to try it and I fell in love!

My favorite product is the DETOX ME mask. This is my favorite thing to apply after a run.

Here’s some good news for YOU! Use code TRR for 15% off your order. I recommend starting with the 123FRÉ set. I also love the DETOX ME mask. I love it all! If you follow me on Instagram, I will post monthly reviews, coupon codes and special promotional content.

Here’s some important information about the product:

Fré Active Ingredients Delay Aging

FRÉ's dermatological products include the following ingredients: Argania Active Complex, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, stem cells, sterols to protect skin from premature aging caused by exposure to free radicals from UVA, UVB, AND IRA sun exposure and pollution. Active ingredients: Argan Stem Cells, chamomile, feulic acid, melissa & rooibos, polyphenols, vitamin A, B5, E, squalene, symcalmin & bisapol.

Argan Strong Anti-Aging Benefits

Argan oil is widely popular around the world for its health and cosmetic properties including. The oil contains high levels of essential fatty acids, and in particular linoleic acid as well as vitamins A and E. These ingredients work together to help improve the overall condition of skin and are an essential component in FRÉ’s skincare formula. The benefits of Argan oil include the following:

Fights off skin infections

Controls sebum production

Maintains the pH balance of skin

Restores vital nutrients inside skin cells

Neutralizes the effects of harmful free radicals

Rehydrates and restores skin’s natural elasticity

Reduces the appearance of marks, scars, and burns