Run Gum

I am an ambassador for Run Gum. I tried the product a couple years ago, and then was hooked. I am proud to represent this brand. I believe in this product and believe in the company. 


Run Gum is a functional gum that helps you feel alert, focused, and energized. It will provide an easy boost in focus & energy within 10 minutes of chewing. Energy Gum for performance, alertness, and focus when waking up, working out, and at work.

Comes in three delicious flavors: Fruit, Cinnamon and Mint! Try it today!

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Personally I LOVE Run Gum. I love the taste and I love how it improves my performance. I use it in training runs and when racing. It provides the extra boost I need. 


  • Wake up
  • Work out
  • Run a marathon
  • Be the office MVP
  • Travel by car or plant
  • Hike Everest
  • Game
  • Run the day


Through the blood vessels in your mouth, you absorb and feel the energy up to 5-times faster than when you eat or drink the other energy products. No waiting for the energy boost

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Supplemental Facts for Run Gum

Supplemental Facts for Run Gum