CEP COmpression Ambassador


I am honored to have been chosen for the second year in a row to be a CEP compression ambassador. I have used CEP products for as long as I've been a runner. They provide the perfect amount of compression and support I need. I tore my calf muscle while training for my 2nd marathon - the Chicago Marathon. I tore it a couple months before the race. But my training was haulted because of my injury. I recovered, but I wasn't trained for the marathon. I decided to do the race anyway, but I wore a compression sleeve. This made all the difference in the world. I was able to finish my 2nd marathon without any calf problems. Since then I've run several marathons and ultramarathons. I try to always wear my CEP compression socks or sleeves. My CEP compression socks helped me when I qualified for the Boston Marathon this past October. I won't race without them!


CEP: Progressive+ run sock 2.0

My favorite CEP product is the Progressive+ Run Sock 2.0. This sock covers your calves and provides foot support. Here's what CEP has to say about them: 

CEP has revolutionized the world of running with its legwear. The Run Socks 2.0 are equipped with metatarsal compression for excellent support and unmatched comfort. Like other CEP legwear they feature medi compression, which reduces vibrations while increasing coordination. This stabilizes muscles, joints and, together with the increased blood flow, helps prevent injuries. 
Cep run tights.jpg

On my blog, I reviewed the product: CEP Women's Dynamic+ Run Tights 2.0. If you're looking for the PERFECT running tights, look no further. This is the best pair of pants ever. Check out my review here. 


FAvorite products

For my trail runs, I use the outdoor merino compression sock. These are the best for ULTRAMARATHONS!!! I cannot say enough good things about this product. If I have a river crossing where I get wet, my CEP socks dry out real fast. Plus they keep me warm if its cold and cool if its hot. Ultramarathoners need this product!!

If I need a light compression sleeve for the summer months, I slip on my Ultralight compression sleeves


No show!

My no show compression socks are also one of my favorite things CEP makes. They come in all sorts of great colors and they feel AMAZING! They are so soft and supportive. I wear them even when I'm not running. 

As a side note: I LOVE my Enertor insoles (seen above). These are the best insoles I've ever run in. They provide superior support and amazing comfort. This is what Usain Bolt uses. Get 25% off Enertor insoles with code BATRAVEL. Check them out.